Maria Levandovskaya

Maria Levandovskaya is Russian-born pianist and accompanist. After moving to London in 2012 Maria received a scholarship to study at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She studied with Martin Roscoe and Caroline Palmer. Maria was working at Guildhall School of Music and Drama as an accompanist with singers and string players.

In 2012 she founded clarinet/viola/piano trio Zeitgeist ensemble. The Tunnell Trust for Young Musicians awarded the Trio a full scholarship to participate in the Island of Coll’s prestigious course and concerts in Scotland in June 2014. The ensemble has also been invited to participate in Wigmore Hall’s Chamber Tots initiative for the 2014/2015 season.

Since 2014 Maria is a Resident pianist for Opera Prelude, a charity dedicated to supporting the finest professional young singers at the start of their careers and she recently played for their Master classes with Della Jones, Dame Felicity Lott and Rosalind Plowright.

As well as performing alongside singers and instrumentalists, Maria is busy as a solo performer. She has regular solo recitals in the UK and Russia.

Q&A with Maria Levandovskaya

At what age did you fall in love with opera and why?

 I was singing since my childhood. At the age of 17 I started taking singing lessons with an amasing Italian trained Russian teacher. I did appreciate opera before but as I did appreciate any other genre of music. After I went deep into my singing lesson I fall in love with opera. I started to identify myself with the singers I was listening to and was dreaming to be on stage one day. Finally, I had to make a choice between singing and piano and it is a piano!

 Which singer has most inspired you?

 Maria Callas's recordings was the most touching and inspiring to me. I can hear an incredible depth in each sound she sings. I am always much more inspired by the feelings rather than technical abilities of a musician. 

 If you weren't an opera singer, what other profession would you have chosen?

I would say - If I weren't a pianist I would be an opera singer.