“For anyone wanting a performer’s eye view of opera,
Opera Prelude is ideal: lecture demonstrations by professional singers offering engaging insights on repertory and technique.”

Country Life Magazine




Opera Prelude is a small charity, passionate about opera with the needs of young professional singers at the heart of what we do. We believe that opera is for everyone – our friendly and inclusive events form a bridge across the footlights, introducing you to young opera singers and their diverse, enriching art form.

Since 2010, we have been bringing opera into the community, engaging, educating & involving audiences through our accessible events. Opera Prelude supports rising stars who have the all-round skills to succeed in a highly competitive industry, by providing experience and fairly-paid performance opportunities.



From Monteverdi to Mozart, Purcell to Puccini, Opera Prelude presents interactive and informative lecture recitals covering a broad range of operatic history and performance. More people than ever have access to opera in the UK through live streaming in cinemas, but there are few opportunities for audiences to further their knowledge and enjoyment of this extraordinary and compelling art form. Our events ensure the future of opera appreciation and offer the chance for active engagement with the finest young performers, chosen for the strength of their communication skills, intellectual curiosity and talent as emerging artists.


DSC_0109We believe in giving young singers a start. Whilst undeniably there are more Young Artists’ Programmes than ever, it has never been harder for young singers to break into the operatic profession. Even after completing conservatoire training a young singer needs to continue with lessons, pay for entry fees and travel to competitions and auditions as well as fund accompanists and find money to upgrade recordings and websites. Too many young singers are not treated well within the industry; low pay and long hours, roles that are unsuitable for voices still maturing and lack of opportunities within the UK are on-going challenges they face. Few regular opera-goers appreciate the challenges young singers face to meet these continuing costs, often for years after leaving music school. Yet, without such investment a singer’s long-term success is unlikely. This is why Opera Prelude believes so strongly in giving young singers a start.



Every ticket sold, subscription or donation made directly supports Opera Prelude's chosen singers and whilst we work hard to earn as much as we can from ticket sales, our donors are absolutely central to the work we do. If you would like to champion our work, every penny counts and every donation is appreciated more than it is possible to say.



 We simply couldn’t do any of this without the help of our friends and supporters who are a vital part of our story. 
THANK YOU for being part of Opera Prelude and giving young singers a start!

With warmest best wishes,

Fiona Hamilton & Adriana Festeu

TICKETS: Payable in advance to Opera Prelude

All ticket prices include a variable, non obligatory donation element, without which we are unable to help our singers further their careers with mini grants through our Singer’s Friends Fund. If you would like to know more about how we use Gift Aid donations to support our young singers or to pay a different amount, do get in touch.  Thank you for being part of Opera Prelude!